I thought about running again this morning but decided that it would be better to take a day and ease my self into it - I don't want to do myself an injury by pushing too hard when I've not been running much lately.

Yesterday didn't quite follow the plan I had expected and we didn't, in the end, take in a movie. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see the films later in the week.

I did watch the Silverstone 6 Hour race which was quite enjoyable, with a close finishes in all of the classes (assisted slightly by a safety car period midway through the race, needed for clean-up following a quite alarming crash by one of the Toyota prototypes). There was plenty of action throughout the race, part of the big draw of multi-class sports car racing for me is that even if the head of the race isn't particularly interesting there is likely to me something else going on elsewhere in the race.

I also watched the Formula 1 race which while not quite as interesting did have its moments, and it is encouraging to see the Ferrari team taking race wins and Red Bull looking close, rather than the procession of Mercedes wins that we saw last year.

Today we'll be having lunch with Laura's parents and some of her family and friends, not for any particular occasion just happenstance that a number wished to get together around the same time. They're all good people so it should make for an enjoyable day.

I'll be back to work tomorrow, and I'm going to have to resume my Open University work. Having submitted an assignment last week I decided to leave it aside for this weekend and get back into it in the evenings from here forward. I'm starting to feel a bit more settled in the work than I was when I started. The module I'm working on is centred on an I.T. project and is meant to be student led. One side effect of this is that in the early stages everything has felt a bit me vague than I've gotten used to OU modules being.

From the comments on the module Facebook group it sees I'm not alone in that perception which is at least reassuring. I'm confident now that I'm starting to get a feel for it that I'll be able to make better progress than I have so far, particularly now that I seem to finally be getting over the winter cold that's been dragging me down and cutting into my study time these last months.

I'm finding the "don't edit" rule of this challenge to be a little, well, challenging. Used to being able to skim over what I've written and make changes as I go along. Thinking about it this may be an element of procrastination in this - moving words around when I've run out of things to say rather than writing new ones.

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